Ace iOS Coding Interview - Conquer iOS Coding Interviews with Confidence and Expertise

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The Guide is for YOU if

  • You have at least six months of experience in Swift (though the guide is beginner friendly).
  • You are getting ready for an iOS coding interview & aiming to improve your proficiency & understanding of iOS coding challenges.
  • You want to feel more self-assured and comfortable during iOS coding interviews.
  • You are searching for a comprehensive collection of iOS coding interview tasks to hone your skills & prepare effectively.
  • You are seeking guidance on the best way to approach iOS coding tasks during an interview.
  • You are eager to level up your iOS coding interview skills and land your ideal job.
  • You are seeking expert tips and curated strategies to help you successfully solve iOS coding tasks.

About This Guide

The technical iOS coding interview can be a formidable challenge for aspiring iOS developers. This crucial stage of the hiring process is specifically designed to assess your coding proficiency, problem-solving aptitude, and critical thinking skills. While it may initially appear intimidating, with adequate preparation and the right mindset, you have the potential to excel and impress during your iOS coding interview.

"Ace iOS Coding Interview" is a thorough and all-encompassing guide that walks you through every step of the iOS coding interview journey. From initial preparation to performing well during the coding interview, this guide covers all the essential aspects. It delves into a wide range of topics, including common coding tasks, specific iOS coding concepts, common data structures, common algorithms, techniques for refactoring and debugging, and the significance of effective communication. With its lucid explanations and an abundance of practice tasks, this resource equips you with the necessary knowledge and skills to triumph in iOS coding interviews.

* Please note that the book comes in digital PDF format only.

Topics Covered In This Guide

  • Strategies for addressing iOS coding problems
  • What to expect in an iOS coding interview
  • The process involved in an iOS coding interview
  • Tips and techniques for succeeding in an iOS coding interview
  • The significance of the human factor in an iOS coding interview
  • Understanding time and space complexity using Big O notation
  • Exploring higher-order functions in Swift
  • Fundamental data structures like Linked Lists and Stacks
  • Swift implementations and explanations of algorithms(e.g. Merge Sort, Binary Tree)
  • 40+ iOS Coding Interview Questions and explanation.(e.g. Recursion, Two Sum, Best Time to Buy and Sell Stock, Contains Duplicate, Product of Array Except Self)

Extract the Maximum Value of This Guide

  • To extract the maximum value from "Ace iOS Coding Interview" it's important to embrace a practice-oriented learning experience, where you work through challenges step by step to enhance your problem-solving skills. It's designed to be fun and engaging, helping you maintain interest and focus.
  • The book provides hints, explanations, and solutions pave the way in the right direction and offer valuable insights. However, it's crucial to invest your own effort and actively participate in the learning process. This guide encourages you to dedicate time and energy to each challenge.
  • By thinking and learning through hands-on practice, you'll sharpen your critical thinking skills and deepen your understanding of iOS coding principles. The guide also includes question tags and difficulty levels, allowing you to test your understanding and practice in a format similar to actual interviews.


▶︎ Does this guide provide explanations of data structures and algorithms in the Swift language?

  • Yes, this guide does cover explanations of data structures and algorithms specifically in the Swift language.

▶︎ Does this guide include various questions on data structures and algorithms?

  • Yes, this guide does cover different questions on data structures and algorithms. However, it focuses on avoiding exceptionally difficult and super tricky questions. Similarly, questions that typically take more than two hours for experienced iOS developers to solve are also avoided. The aim is to provide a well-rounded selection of questions that challenge and enhance your skills without overwhelming you with excessively time-consuming or overly complex problems.

▶︎ Is it necessary for me to memorize the solutions?

  • Nope! Instead of memorizing solutions, it is recommended to practice iOS coding tasks and strive to understand the underlying concepts. By familiarizing yourself with the concepts, you can better grasp the problem-solving techniques. It is beneficial to conceptualize similar types of problems and challenge yourself to solve them using different approaches. Additionally, exploring alternative solutions can broaden your understanding and improve your problem-solving skills. By adopting this approach, you'll be better equipped to handle a variety of coding challenges effectively.

▶︎ Where are the iOS coding tasks sourced or collected from? Are they self-created?

  • The iOS coding tasks in this guide are sourced from a variety of reputable platforms including Glassdoor, LinkedIn, discussions with 20+ hiring managers, and LeetCode. Additionally, some of the coding challenges are created by me, ensuring a comprehensive and diverse selection of problems to enhance your preparation.

▶︎ What formats of publication are offered?

  • A .pdf version of the book will be provided to you.

▶︎ In light of my previous purchase of "Uplift iOS Interview" would acquiring this new guide be a logical addition?

  • While "Uplift iOS Interview" primarily concentrates on verbal technical interviews, this guide is designed to help you excel in iOS coding interviews.

▶︎ When can I access the eBook after pre-ordering?

  • As a pre-order customer, you will receive immediate access to this guide as soon as it is published. The anticipated publication date for the guide is August 2023.

▶︎ Will there be any new additions or updates?

  • Yes, I intend to provide ongoing support for this guide. I will continuously update it with new iOS coding challenges and you will have access to these updates at no extra cost. This guide is a dynamic resource that will continue to grow and evolve over time. I am committed to regularly adding new algorithms, new iOS coding tasks thereby expanding the range of topics covered. By doing so, I aim to provide an extensive collection of tasks and implementations that caters to a wide variety of computational challenges.

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Ace iOS Coding Interview - Conquer iOS Coding Interviews with Confidence and Expertise

6 ratings
I want this!