SwiftUI in a Nutshell - A Quick Reference Guide for Beginners

Ishtiak Ahmed
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The Quick Reference Guide is for YOU if

  • You are familiar with UIKit and want to quickly learn SwiftUI's UI components.
  • You are seeking to compare UI components in UIKit and SwiftUI.
  • You aim to gain confidence in SwiftUI as a beginner.
  • You want to learn curated strategies and shortcuts in SwiftUI.

Just a heads up, SwiftUI in a Nutshell - isn't meant to be a comprehensive or exhaustive resource. It's more like a handy-dandy Quick Reference/Cheat Sheet that you can use to quickly look up stuff. If you need more info on a particular component, you can always dig deeper on the apple website!

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Basic Version

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Got any burning questions about SwiftUI in a Nutshell or just want to chat? I'm all ears and I'm here to help. So go ahead and shoot me a message anytime – I'm always happy to connect and chat about all things related to Art, Photography, Hiking, iOS, and SwiftUI.

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SwiftUI in a Nutshell - A Quick Reference Guide for Beginners

6 ratings
I want this!