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iOS Career Boost 🚀

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Welcome to iOS Career Boost 🚀

The membership subscription community for aspiring and experienced iOS developers looking to take their careers to the next level! Whether you're a junior developer just starting out or an experienced iOS developer looking to refine your skills, iOS Career Boost provides you with numerous iOS-related posters and visuals you need to succeed.

As a member of iOS Career Boost, you will have access to a wealth of resources designed to help you ace your interviews, master take-home projects, and ease overall iOS interview preparation. Our comprehensive iOS interview tips, interview questions, and suggested answers with graphical explanations will help you prepare for even the most competitive interviews, while our iOS-related cheat sheets will give you quick access to the information you need to enhance your coding. We offer a range of content, from basic to advanced levels, so you can always find some materials that best suit your needs.

Moreover, iOS Career Boost also provides career advice/tips/tricks for junior developers in an easily digestible graphical format, as we believe that it's important to help new iOS developers get started on the right foot. Our iOS coding challenges will help you put your skills to the test and hone your problem-solving abilities, while our resources to learn Swift & SwiftUI will help you keep your knowledge up-to-date.

So why wait? Join iOS Career Boost today and take the first step towards a successful iOS development career!

iOS Career Boost is supported by five fundamental pillars.

  1. Bite-Size Learning
  2. Improve Code Quality
  3. Remember & Apply
  4. Practice & Prepare
  5. Stay Ahead

🤔 Frequently Asked Questions

What is iOS Career Boost?

  • In one sentence, iOS Career Boost is the ultimate learning journey to elevate your iOS development career through a dynamic blend of visual learning, handy cheat sheets, coding practice materials, and expertly curated tips and tricks.

What is the reason behind some of your content being so compact and small?

  • In iOS Career Boost, we introduced the concept of Bite-Size Content. We believe that we can create a more effective learning experience with bite-size content that is better suited to the modern attention span and learning style.

What is your key focus for this learning style?

  • We practice the concept of bite-size content by breaking down information into small, easily digestible pieces that can be quickly consumed and understood by iOS developers. Our idea is to present information in a way that is both engaging and efficient, allowing iOS developers to retain the most important concepts without getting overwhelmed or distracted by unnecessary details which is very common in most article-driven tutorials(which we mostly avoid). The key is to focus on delivering concise, impactful content that is tailored to the iOS developer's needs and preferences.

Can this be considered a fundamental Swift/SwiftUI/iOS Interview Preparation Course?

  • Ah, nope, sorry to burst your bubble! If you're looking for a solid foundational course in Swift or SwiftUI, you can easily go for Apple's tutorials. We don't want to reinvent the wheel. And if you're gearing up for an iOS interview, there are plenty of websites(including ishtiz.com, Uplift iOS Interview) out there that offer interview questions to help you prepare. But if you're truly looking to supercharge your learning experience, then you'll definitely want to check out iOS Career Boost.
  • Think of iOS Career Boost as the crème de la crème of all the resources available on the internet to help you master iOS development. We're all about keeping you engaged, motivated, and inspired every step of the way with bite-size content. So why settle for just "fine" when you can have an extraordinary learning experience with us?

Will you provide ongoing resources in iOS Career Boost?

  • Oh, absolutely yes! iOS Career Boost is much more than just a run-of-the-mill course; it's a continuous journey of growth and learning! You won't find any "one & done" approach here. With iOS Career Boost, you can expect to receive a steady stream of new, fresh, and exciting content on a regular basis.Our commitment to providing top-notch education means that we are always developing new materials and resources to help you stay at the forefront of your field. You can count on iOS Career Boost to keep you engaged, challenged, and inspired as you embark on your lifelong learning journey.

What makes visual or graphical formats more effective than articles when it comes to providing learning resources or tips?

  • We have found several compelling reasons providing learning materials or tips in visual or graphical formats can be more effective than using articles alone:
  1. Increased engagement: Visuals and graphics are more likely to capture and hold a person's attention compared to text alone. This can increase engagement and make the learning experience more enjoyable and memorable.
  2. Better retention: People tend to remember visuals and graphics better than text alone. When information is presented in a visual format, it can be easier for the brain to process and store the information, leading to better retention and recall.
  3. Accessibility: Visual and graphical formats can be more accessible to people with different learning styles or abilities from junior to Senior developers.
  4. Clarity: Visuals and graphics can often convey complex ideas or concepts more clearly than text alone. This can make it easier for learners to understand and apply the information being presented.
  5. Versatility: Visual and graphical formats can be used in a variety of settings and contexts, from iPhone to large-screen TV. This versatility can make the learning process always at hand.

Will my current subscription be impacted by any future changes in subscription prices?

  • If you're already a subscriber, you can rest easy knowing that your current subscription price is locked in and won't be affected by any future changes. That's right, whether you signed up a week ago or a year ago, your subscription rate will remain the same. So, if you signed up for $7 a month, you'll continue to pay that amount every month, no matter what happens in the year 2032. We value our subscribers and want to make sure that you feel confident and secure in your commitment to our services. So sit back, relax, and enjoy all the amazing content and resources that come with your subscription. You're in good hands!

👏 Team License

If you're looking to supercharge your team's iOS performance, don't hesitate to drop us a line! Our team license option is tailor-made for forward-thinking organizations like yours, who are committed to staying ahead of the curve and achieving unparalleled success.

Hey there!

Got any burning questions about iOS Career Boost or just want to chat? I'm all ears! Whether you're curious about the subscription process or the awesome content, I'm here to help. So go ahead and shoot me a message anytime – I'm always happy to connect and chat about all things related to Art, Photography, Hiking, iOS, and SwiftUI.


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