Uplift iOS Interview - A Comprehensive Guide to Master Your iOS Interview

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Unleash your potential and conquer the iOS interview with confidence and ease!

Get ready to shine and ace your iOS interviews with my epic guide, packed with expert tips, curated strategies, and a whopping 405 questions to sharpen your skills on Swift, SwiftUI, AutoLayout, Memory Management, Concurrency, Architecture, Unit Tests, UI Tests, iOS Dev tools, CI/CD and industry best practices.

The Guide is for YOU if

  • You are preparing for an iOS interview and want to improve your skills and knowledge.
  • You are looking to level up your interview game and land your dream job.
  • You want to gain confidence and ease during iOS interviews.
  • You want to learn expert tips and curated strategies.
  • You want access to a comprehensive list of iOS interview Q&A to practice and prepare.

Summary of Topics Covered in This Guide

This comprehensive guide is designed to take you on an easy journey, exploring a multitude of iOS interview topics segmented into easily digestible chapters. This guide could be your ultimate companion, offering invaluable insights and strategies for mastering the iOS interview. Here's what you can expect:

  • Understanding the intimidating experience of iOS interviews and how to overcome it.
  • Finding iOS job opportunities and dissecting job postings to identify the best fit.
  • Preparing an exceptional cover letter and iOS resume that showcases your skills and experience.
  • Building a strong iOS skill set for interview success, covering topics like Swift, AutoLayout, UIKit, Concurrency, ARC and Memory Management, Architecture, UI tests, Unit tests and SwiftUI.
  • Mastering the interview process, including initial phone and technical interviews, take-home challenges, on-site final interviews, and offer negotiation.
  • Expert tips on staying up-to-date with the latest trends in iOS development and building a successful career as an iOS developer, including navigating behavioral interviews.

About This Guide

"Uplift iOS Interview" is a comprehensive guide tailored for aspiring iOS developers to excel in job interviews. It covers essential topics, including Swift, SwiftUI, and popular iOS frameworks, in a clear and accessible manner suitable for readers of all skill levels. The guide goes beyond the basics and explores advanced concepts such as view rendering, animation, architecture, design patterns, memory management, and multithreading. With a focus on building technical skills and boosting confidence, it equips readers with the knowledge needed to succeed in iOS interviews.

One standout feature of "Uplift iOS Interview" is its collection of real-world interview questions and suggested answers. These questions are commonly asked in iOS developer interviews, and the guide provides a comprehensive understanding of the concepts and techniques necessary to answer them confidently. The questions and answers are presented concisely, making them easy to understand and follow.

In addition, the book offers practical tips and advice on interview preparation, expectations, and handling common interview scenarios specific to iOS development. By providing valuable insights and guidance, "Uplift iOS Interview" ensures that readers are well-prepared and poised for success on interview day. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced iOS developer, this essential resource empowers you to thrive in your iOS development career by excelling in interviews and advancing your professional journey.

* Please note that the book comes in digital PDF format only.

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Frequently Asked Questions

▶︎ Who is the target audience for the book?

  • The guide is designed for aspiring iOS developers, as well as experienced developers looking to improve their interview skills or brush up on their knowledge. It is also ideal for hiring managers and interviewers who are looking for a comprehensive resource to use during the interview process.

▶︎ Do I really need this book for iOS interview preparation?

  • The Uplift iOS Interview may be a valuable resource, but it is no panacea that can supplant the invaluable experience gleaned from actual iOS development. I do not wish to toot my own horn, but as a technical interviewer and hiring manager, I have invested a prodigious amount of time to curate and generate these questions and their corresponding answers. If you have the motivation and energy to search for iOS interview questions and tips online, particularly on platforms like LeetCode, Glassdoor, Indeed, Naukri, LinkedIn, Monster Jobs, iOS subreddits, and Twitter, then you probably won't need a few chapters of this guide. Rather than spending too much time searching for resources, I believe it's more worthwhile to invest your time in actual preparation. The follow-up conceptual iOS questions in this guide are an absolute game-changer when it comes to preparing topic-wise. Trust me, they'll give you the competitive edge you need to stand out from the crowd.

▶︎ Does the guide contain SwiftUI Interview Questions?

  • Absolutely! The guide possesses up do date SwiftUI interview questions, all curated and crafted to challenge and inspire.

▶︎ What formats of publication are offered?

  • A .pdf version of the book will be provided to you.

▶︎ Will there be any new additions or updates?

  • Yes, I intend to provide ongoing support for this guide. I will continuously update it with any new interview questions related to iOS and you will have access to these updates at no extra cost.

▶︎ What are Infographics? Do they already exist on various online platforms? Do I need them? Why don't you add the infographics to the guide?

  • Explanation infographics are a popular way to present information visually to help communicate complex ideas in an easy-to-understand way. By presenting the explanation in an infographic format, it can be easier for a beginner level iOS candidates to quickly review and understand key concepts and best practices.
  • You may have noticed that I have shared numerous infographics from 2021 across various online platforms such as Reddit, LinkedIn, and Twitter. In case you actively follow me, you may save them each time I share them.
  • While explanation infographics can aid beginner iOS developers in grasping concepts with more clarity and enable them to think critically, they may NOT be necessary for all iOS developers. Consider infographic as a "READ MORE" option for suggested answers. The guide includes precise and easy-to-understand answers to assist developers at all levels of expertise. There are certain suggested answers that require further clarification or infographics, but most of them are self-explanatory. Nevertheless, if I were to provide a one-page explanation for each of the 400+ questions in the book, it would exceed 600 pages. This could potentially be overwhelming for readers and negatively impact their reading experience.

▶︎ I am Anubhav, residing in India 🇮🇳 and proficient in iOS development with 8 years of experience. Despite applying to several US-based companies, I have yet to secure an interview opportunity. How does the Uplift iOS Interview guide help me?

  • By utilizing the Uplift iOS interview guide, you can improve your interview skills, gain confidence in your abilities, and increase your chances of securing an interview. In Chapter 1, Intimidating Experience of the iOS Interview, I will describe the procedure to improve the interview performance.

▶︎ My name is Yasir, and I'm a junior iOS developer from Morocco 🇲🇦. I aspire to join a renowned company in Germany as a professional iOS developer. How should I prepare for the interview?

  • To prepare for your interview as a professional iOS developer in Germany, you can use the Uplift iOS Interview as a comprehensive guide. Review the fundamentals of Swift(Chapter 3), SwiftUI(Chapter 10), and iOS frameworks(Chapter 6), practice hard questions, read other interview questions and answers, and learn from the explanations provided in the book to increase your knowledge and confidence during the interview.

▶︎ As a hiring manager, my aim is to maintain a steady stream of questions for conducting primary verbal technical interviews of Principle/Lead iOS Engineers. I'm wondering if this guide provides advanced and tricky content to evaluate their skills in a short time. - Mathias, San Jose 🇺🇸

  • No, the guide doesn't have any tricky questions aimed at stumping senior/principal/lead iOS engineers. Tricky questions, in my opinion, don't add much value for either the candidate or the hiring manager, so I prefer not to promote them. Instead, I recommend asking conceptual questions that prompt follow-up questions to gauge a candidate's depth of knowledge. The guide features a range of basic to advanced conceptual questions that can provoke more in-depth discussion between the hiring manager and the candidate.

▶︎ Hello Ishtiak, I was introduced to your book by a friend of mine. I am a student at Dhaka University and while I am usually able to perform well in verbal iOS technical interviews, I struggle with coding interviews. I was wondering if your book includes coding problems in addition to interview questions? - Rony, DU, Dhaka, 🇧🇩

  • Sorry to say that the current edition of my guide does NOT cover coding interviews. You see, coding interviews are a whole different ball game in the world of iOS interview preparation. In fact, I strongly believe that there's so much ground to cover when it comes to iOS coding interviews that a separate guide would be more appropriate. Though - I'll be sure to put my thinking cap on and whip up a comprehensive guide in the future.

▶︎ My name is "X" and I'm based in Bangalore Karnataka, 🇮🇳. I'm currently working for a start-up but am keen to transition to a prestigious company. I've completed the first six chapters of the book and recently attended an interview where the team lead asked me a few questions that were covered in the guide. However, I was unable to explain the concepts clearly. Where did I go wrong? Should I focus on memorizing the questions? (Using X instead of the real name upon the person's request)

  • Merely memorizing the guide won't be of many benefits, as it's not a holy grail. In school, we often memorize information without truly understanding it, only to forget it later when it's time to apply the knowledge. If the question topic is unfamiliar to you, I recommend that you thoroughly investigate it. Rather than attempting to memorize the answers, I suggest that you take the time to carefully read the suggested response and ensure that you comprehend it. Once you have a basic understanding, I encourage you to explain it in your own words. This technique is an excellent way to confirm your understanding of the material and enhance your ability to communicate effectively.


Chapter 1: Introduction

[Intimidating Experience of the iOS Interview, Where to Find iOS Jobs?, Dissect iOS Job Posting, Prepare Cover Letter and Resume, Ask for Recommendation, iOS Skill Set for Interview, Pre-Interview Checklist, App First Company for Career Growth]

Chapter 2: iOS Interview Process

[Interview Process Brief, Initial Phone Interview, Initial Online Technical Interview, Take Home Challenge, Onsite Final Interview, Offer Negotiation]

Chapter 3: Quick Recap of Swift

Chapter 4: Swift as a Language

Chapter 5: AutoLayout & UIKit

Chapter 6: Framework

Chapter 7: Concurrency

Chapter 8: ARC & Memory Management

Chapter 9: Architecture & Best Practices

Chapter 10: Quick Recap of SwiftUI

Chapter 11: SwiftUI Interview Questions

Chapter 12: Unit & UI Testing

Chapter 13: iOS Dev Tools, CI/CD, Xcode & bonus

Chapter 14: Behavioural Interviews

Chapter 15: Conclusion

A Sneak Peek into 400+ Top iOS Interview Questions

  • What is copy or write?
  • What is Actor?
  • What is inout parameter?
  • What is an unwind segue?
  • How does ARC handle weak references in iOS?
  • How does an observable object announce changes?
  • What is the difference between upcast and downcast in Swift?
  • What are the benefits of using property wrappers for state management in SwiftUI?
  • How do arrays and sets differ in terms of functionality and usage?
  • What is GCD’s Quality of Service?
  • What is the difference between layout margins and directional layout margins?
  • How to remove nil elements from an array effectively?
  • What’s the difference between Self vs self?
  • What is Singleton Pattern and why should we avoid overusing it? 
  • When would you use GeometryReader?
  • What are the basic differences between creational, structural, and behavioural patterns?
  • What is the difference between retain and copy?
  • What is the difference between a mutable and an immutable collection in Swift?
  • What is the difference between the == operator and the === operator in Swift?
  • What is the difference between a computed property and a stored property in Swift?
  • What is the difference between weak and strong references in Swift? Explain with an example.
  • Can you explain the concept of type erasure and when it would be used?
  • Can you describe the use of Key-Value Observing (KVO) on Apple’s platforms?
  • What is the relation between a strong reference cycle and a memory leak?
  • What are concurrency and time slicing?
  • Can you explain what one-sided ranges are and when they would be used?
  • What is the difference between a @StateObject and a @ObservedObject in SwiftUI?
  • How do you create and customize views in SwiftUI?
  • What are tuples and in which scenarios are they useful?
  • What are publishers and subscribers in the Combine framework?
  • What is the role of the body property in a SwiftUI view?
  • What is the difference between a State and a Binding in SwiftUI?
  • Does SwiftUI support drag-and-drop functionality for building user interfaces?
  • What is the difference between merge and zip operators in Combine?

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* It appears that there have been unscrupulous actions taken by a few individuals who have purchased this book. These folks have shared it on WhatsApp Group & LinkedIn, only to turn around and request refunds without providing any proper reasoning. As you may know, a digital product refund will essentially give the resource away for free, which is certainly not fair to me as the author. So, I kindly ask that you reach out to me with any questions you may have about this guide before making a purchase. I am truly sorry to say that, I am unable to support refunds until further notice. I hope you can understand my position and know that I value your support and loyalty as a reader.

* My heart goes out to all the struggling students who may not have the means to purchase resources. If you're facing financial difficulties and are unable to buy what you need, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. I am here to support and help in any way that I can.

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Uplift iOS Interview - A Comprehensive Guide to Master Your iOS Interview

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